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McDonald Farm Recognized with the Conservation and Native Landscaping Award

So I’m a country girl. I grew up in Kendall County, where I still live, and for people like me driving to Naperville is a trip to the “big city”. But when your destination is the 60-acre McDonald Farm, it takes a little of the sting out of the hustle and bustle in between.

It’s commonplace to scare a huge Redtailed Hawk off of its telephone pole perch as you are coming up the driveway, and to have half a dozen deer run past your window as you are catching up on email. It’s a pretty amazing place to work, and over the past few years has become quite the center for environmental and sustainability education as well.

McDonald Farm was one of 11 sites recently recognized by Chicago Wilderness and the US EPA with the Conservation and Native Landscaping Award. The Conservation Demonstration Project we have installed at the Farm earned us this acclaim. The project consists of a wind turbine, solar panels, two rainwater harvesting systems, permeable pavers, porous concrete, several rain and butterfly gardens, installed rain barrels and our restored wetland...so far. We are constantly seeking to add new examples of the conservation options available to homeowners these days, and make McDonald Farm a showplace of conservation in action that will stir others to act as well.
We would like to thank both the U.S. EPA and Chicago Wilderness for recognizing us with this award. We’d love to have you come pay us a visit. You can take our self-guided tour, and there are usually staff available on weekdays from 9am to 4pm if you have any questions.

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