Kendall County
Dickson-Murst Farm is home to The Conservation Foundation in Kendall County and serves as a program satellite office to the McDonald Farm main office. Staff, including the Kendall and Kane County Program Directors and Marketing Director, are located at the location. 
In Kendall County, The Conservation Foundation has recently been active in facilitating the Lower Fox River Conservation Planning Project and developing demonstration rain garden sites in Yorkville, Plano, Oswego and Minooka. Staff have also helped facilitate watershed protection plans for the Blackberry, Aux Sable, Big Rock and Little Rock Creeks.
TCF’s Conservation@Home and new Conservation@Work programs are also active throughout the county. From 2000 to 2007, Kendall County was the fastest growing county in the United States.
The Conservation Foundation was also instrumental in planning and facilitating the Protect Kendall Now! project which has been used by local agencies to guide the protection of thousands of acres in open space. TCF has also worked with the Kendall County Forest Preserve to pass two successful public referendums to fund open space acquisition.
The Dickson-Murst Farm hosts several public events each year including Days at the Farm and Bluegrass Festivals. The events are planned and conducted by the Dickson-Murst Farm Partners, a volunteer group of individuals from around the county that pitch in to maintain the facilities and conduct the events.
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