Nature Rx Workshop - Glen Ellyn

Much research supports the idea that being outside in nature has tremendous health benefits for human beings, and we know that gardening with native plants helps heal our landscapes and clean our water supply.  When you put them together, everybody wins!

All are welcome at the Glen Ellyn Civic Center on Thursday, February 22nd, 7pm to 9pm for "Nature Rx - How Spending Time in Nature is Good for Our Mind, Body and Soul", where we will learn how to heal nature and in turn heal ourselves! 

The closer you live to nature, the easier it is to experience its restorative health benefits.  So why not bring it as close as possible by creating a natural sanctuary in your own backyard?  At this workshop, attendees will learn about native perennials that are easy to grow , attract wildlife, absorb water and are sustainable and beautiful too.  You'll even leave with your own native plant guide!

Registration for this free program is requested, but not required. 

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Join us as we discover our prescription for happiness is in our own backyards!

This program is being cooperatively presented by the Glen Ellyn Park District, the Glen Ellyn Environmental Commission and The Conservation Foundation as part of our Conservation In Our Community program.