For the Love of Landscapes: Artist-In-Residence Joel Sheesley at Kane County Audubon

Celebrate the Day of Love listening to Joel Sheesley, our Artist-In-Residence for the Art of the Fox program, as he talks about his love of Fox River landscapes and his experiences painting them.  Joel will be talking to the Kane County chapter of the Illinois Audubon Society on Valentine's Day, February 14th, 7pm at the Hickory Knolls Discovery Center in St. Charles.  All are welcome!

Joel loves to capture the genius loci, the prevailing character or atmosphere of a place, by directly painting outdoors in any weather except rain and severe cold.  If you have ever seen Joel's work, you know he does this exquisitely, which is why we chose him to capture the Fox River on canvas to help people see it more deeply.  His talk will discuss his artistic background and how it relates to his practice of direct landscape observation as well as share a presentation of his current work for The Conservation Foundation through our Art of the Fox program.  Joel will also open up about how painting the Fox River has given him a particular appreciation of the river's character and value, which is exactly what we hope his work will help others to understand! 

Come share this eloquent artist’s perspective and fall in love with the Fox River this Valentine's Day!  No registration is necessary.