Invite Nature Into Your Neighborhood

If you would like to bring nature closer to yourself and your family, don't miss this free workshop, "Invite Nature Into Your Neighborhood", planned for Wednesday, March 15th from 7pm to 9pm  at the Glen Ellyn Civic Center!

By making simple changes in your yard, you can make it more beautiful and improve its functionality.  The use of rain barrels, rain gardens and native plants all help reduce stormwater runoff, create habitat for pollinators and other wildlife, and enrich your soil.  If you employ even some of the tecnhiques you will learn about at this workshop, you'll be well on your way to qualifying for certification through The Conservation Foundation's Conservation@Home program!  You'll be contributing to the health of the environment for the benefit of all, and you should be recognized for your efforts!

Registration for this workshop is requested but not required.  All pre-registered guests will receive a "How-To" Natural Landscaping Guide. 

Register Now!