McDonald Farm Field Trips
McDonald Farm Field Trips

McDonald Farm provides a unique site for nature discovery and exploration in our prairie, woodlands, and wetlands. Since we began education programs 15 years ago, children have had the opportunity to experience living things in their natural habitats:

  • Stand at a wetland edge to see hundreds of tadpoles
  • Catch a butterfly in the prairie using an insect net
  • Turn over a log to find a wooly bear caterpillar
  • Look through a microscope to view a centipede up close
  • Use a dip net to find out the difference between a dragonfly and damselfly larva

These “up close” nature experiences allow children to have a better understanding of the plant and animal world and to be inspired to learn and care about the living things they share their environment with.

For a detailed description of the educational programs we offer refer to our Education Brochure. If you would like to schedule a program please contact Carolyn Wagner at