Mighty Acorns®


The Conservation Foundation works with more than 1,000 Mighty Acorns® students a year, giving them opportunities within their regular school day to get out of the classroom, discover nature up close and to participate in taking care of local land and waterways through stewardship activities. By having these close encounters with nature at an early age we hope to inspire the next generation to be good stewards of the environment.

Mighty Acorns® is a stewardship-based environmental education curriculum for 3-5th graders that incorporates classroom curriculum, hands-on restoration and exploration activities, and is tied to Next Generation Science Standards, STEM and Common Core.  Our experienced naturalists provide classroom and outdoor activities during the fall, winter, and spring seasons.

We connect our Mighty Acorns® schools with a park district, forest preserve, or nature center in their community where their students can perform the program's stewardship activities.  We have found that this hands-on experience improving natural areas and habitats right in their own neighborhood is a source of excitement and true pride for the students, and makes a deep connection that stays with them as they grow.

The Conservation Foundation delivers the Mighty Acorns® Program in DuPage, Kane and LaSalle Counties.

Johnson School – 4th graders partnered with Warrenville Park District at Summerlakes Park
Wegner School – 4th graders partnered with West Chicago Park District at Prestonfield Field
Hillcrest School – Six 4th and 5th grade classes partnered with City of Elgin at Hawthorne Hill Nature Center
Meadow Glens Elementary School Eco Club - partnered with the Naperville Park District at Meadow Glens Park
Hillcrest Elementary School Afterschool Club - partnered with City of Elgin at Hawthorne Hill Nature Center
Elgin Boys and Girls Club - 13 6th graders worked with staff of The Conservation Foundation at the Boys and Girls Club and Hawthorne Hill Nature Center

Mrs. Ixpata, a 4th grad
e teacher at Clifford Johnson Elementary in Warrenville whose classes participate in Mighty Acorns® says, “Mighty Acorns® is like a field trip that comes right to our classroom door three times a year, and I think it’s actually more impactful and relatable for my students since it is happening right in their community.  When I ask my students each May what their favorite part of the school year was, it’s Mighty Acorns®, hands down, every time.”

If your school or club is interested in the Mighty Acorns® program, please click here to contact Carolyn Wagner.