Gardening and Food
Gardening and Food

You can put that green thumb to work for the environment and create a home landscape that is both beautiful and functional through our Conservation@Home program. Learn about the benefits of native plants, ways to conserve water and capture the rain that falls on your property, and be recognized for your efforts. Click here to learn more.

Green Earth Institute:
The Green Earth Institute is an organic farming operation that leases McDonald Farm’s fields and offers a Community Supported Agriculture program. Besides growing healthful organic produce on McDonald Farm’s tillable acreage, they also conduct many camps, farm exploration days and other events. Visit for more information and upcoming events.

The Resiliency Institute:

Our newest partner at McDonald Farm, The Resiliency Institute is dedicated to transforming the suburbs into resilient permaculture communities rich in social capital. To answer your next question, what the heck is permaculture, it combines natural and edible landscaping with the ultimate goal of growing food in a sustainable way. The Resiliency Institute offers an array of classes the Clow Education Center at McDonald Farm. To learn more and see a list of upcoming courses, visit