Stormwater Management
Stormwater Management

The Conservation Foundation works with local governments and the private sector to promote the implementation and management of sustainable stormwater management practices. We do this through technical workshops for municipal and county staff, consultants and private contractors, our Conservation@Home and Conservation@Work programs and our annual Beyond the Basics Stormwater BMP Seminar Series.  We have a number of brochures, fact sheets and articles for community/HOA newsletters or websites on several stormwater management topics.

We also lead by example at the McDonald Farm where we have small and large rainwater harvesting systems, rain gardens, rain barrels, stormwater treatment wetlands and native landscapes.

Permeable Concrete Parking Lot – Weigand Park, Naperville Park District

Alternatives to Coal Tar Driveway Sealants

Fact Sheets:
Winter Deicing Practices for Homeowners
Winter Deicing Practices for Private Contractors
Winter Deicing Practices for Elected Officials
Winter Deicing Practices for Public Works Directors