We all know clean water is a fundamental human need. But local water resources need our help to stay clean. Join the new DuPage County Adopt-a-Stream program and give some love to a stream in need.
Adopt-a-Stream brings members, residents, municipalities and professionals together for the sake of preservation and conservation. Local businesses, schools, churches, student groups, organizations, watershed associations and volunteer groups and individuals can all make a difference in keeping DuPage County waterways clean, healthy and attractive.
Program Basics
To participate in Adopt-a-Stream, your group commits to a minimum half-mile section of stream for two years and should engage in two stream cleanups each year. You may, of course, choose to go beyond the minimum requirements by regularly monitoring water quality, recording illicit discharge or engaging in restoration.

Trash pokers, gloves, trash bags and trash removal are supplied. The County of DuPage provides recognition for groups that fulfill Adopt-A-Stream program requirements. Upon successful completion, the County will furnish and post signs with the Volunteer Group’s name along that group’s adopted stream, or section thereof.

Participants in Adopt-A-Stream are encouraged to utilize DuPage River Sweep, a mid-May stream clean-up, as one of their two clean-up dates. Groups who cannot fulfill the minimum requirements but would still like to be involved may choose to participate in a one-time volunteer activity.
Volunteers must be at least eighteen (18) years of age unless approved by a guardian. Volunteers under (18) years of age must be accompanied by an adult chaperone. At least one adult chaperone for every 5 Volunteers under (18) years of age is required.

Getting Started
To find out more or start the stream adoption process (don't worry - it's painless), contact Jan Roehll at 630-428-4500, Ext. 121 or email her.
Adopt-a-Stream was initiated by the DuPage County Stormwater Management Division in 1995 and, due to the County’s long-standing partnership with The Conservation Foundation, it will now be fostered by The Conservation Foundation.