Campaign for Conservation
Campaign for Conservation

Over the past few years, The Conservation Foundation has made the commitment to increase the pace of land protection in northeastern Illinois. Our sense of urgency has been spurred by the dwindling number of acres of open space that remain and the increased interest from citizens like you to protect high quality natural areas.

The Campaign for Conservation is our effort to raise the funding needed to increase the pace of land protection through creative land acquisitions.

We have collaborated with our members, donors, volunteers, and partners to develop a vision for the future. We envision a region where people benefit from protected natural areas, clean rivers and streams and work together to understand and embrace conservation issues. The Campaign for Conservation is an important means of achieving this vision.

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Funding raised from the Campaign for Conservation is invested into the Conservation Flex Fund. This fund allows for flexibility and quick response to ensure the land we all love and the rivers we treasure will be forever protected.

The Conservation Foundation uses the funding raised by the Campaign for Conservation to leverage additional funding from banks and grants to buy land. Also, interest from the invested funds will be used to help fund the remaining Foundation programs, thus allowing a huge impact from your donation.

Click here to see the Case for Support of the Campaign for Conservation. If you have questions or are interested in making a contribution to the Campaign for Conservation, please contact Chere Hayes at 630-428-4500, Ext. 117 or email her.