We won’t sugarcoat it – Conservation@Home is a total pyramid scheme! It starts with you making some earth-conscious choices in your home landscape. Replace some turf grass with beautiful and drought-resistant native plants, install a rain barrel or two and reduce or eliminate your chemical use. We’d be happy to offer some advice along the way, free of charge.

Now you have an attractive and functional yard that conserves water and provides habitat for birds, butterflies and other beneficial wildlife. You deserve some recognition for your efforts! We’ll certify your yard as an environmentally-friendly landscape through our Conservation@Home program and give you a sign to post proudly.

Then your neighbors get curious, and want to know how they can get a sign like that. Before you know it, yard by yard, you’ve brought more nature to your neighborhood.

Whether you are starting from a grass lawn or have existing natural areas, the Conservation@Home program can help you make your yard more attractive to wildlife and retain precious rainwater by planting native vegetation, creating butterfly and rain gardens, using rain barrels and removing exotic species of plants.

Not only will you be contributing to a healthier environment and spending valuable outdoor time as a family, you’ll get to enjoy nature’s ever-changing cast of characters right outside your window.

So let’s get started:
Earth Friendly Landscaping
Getting Started/Getting Certified
Calendar/Upcoming Events
Solving Problems with Native Plants
Landscaping for Wildlife
Rain Barrels and Other Ways to Save Water
Taking Conservation@Home Regional

Thanks to the overwhelming success of the Conservation@Home program over the last five years, several other conservation groups in the region are helping to promote the program outside of The Conservation Foundation's service area of DuPage, Kane, Kendall, Will, LaSalle, DeKalb and Grundy Counties.

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