Private Landowners
Private Landowners

The connections between people and land are countless. Land can provide a spiritual sense of place, happy memories of times past, and hope for future generations' connections with the land around them. Some of our greatest accomplishments have been tied to preserving not only the land, but the legacies that go with it. There are many reasons why someone may want to ensure the long term protection of a piece of land or restore its ecological health and many ways to accomplish it. Check out our “tool box” to learn about what your options may be to protect or restore your special place.

Land Management
Conservation Easements
Matchmaking - Buy and Holds
Conservation-Minded Development
Strategic Land Conservation Planning


For more information and to pursue your land preservation options, please contact our Director of Land Protection, Dan Lobbes.  Click here to email him or call 630-428-4500, Ext. 201.