Conservation In Our Community - Downers Grove
Conservation In Our Community - Downers Grove

Here's how The Conservation Foundation and Downers Grove are bringing more nature to your neighborhood through Conservation In Our Community: 

  • Downers Grove passed a Proclamation to encourage all residents of the Village of Downers Grove to make a difference in the quality of water in the area, reduce stormwater runoff, and participate in other Conservation in Our Community events and initiatives.
  • Workshops and presentations have been held for the community and the Downers Grove’s Green Initiative Committee to help residents, local business members and community leaders learn more about rain gardens, native landscaping, sustainable yard management practices, and other ways to conserve water and beautify the Village of Downers Grove.  Residents can become certified through The Conservation Foundation's Conservation@Home program.
  • Downers Grove residents added 150 rain barrels to yards and businesses throughout the Village through a Conservation In Our Community rain barrel sale.
  • Orders are currently being taken for a Native Tree & Shrub Sale! 
    CLICK HERE for the plant list and order form.