The Conservation Foundation’s 60-acre McDonald Farm in Naperville provides a unique place  for families to connect with the outdoors, our natural and agricultural heritage and each other.  
In our increasingly fast-paced, plugged-in world, it is more important than ever to step away from the pressures of life and technology and just BE together.  We hold several events each year that are designed to be experienced by families together, and our Conservation@Home program encourages you to bring nature right to your back door where you can experience it together.

The Conservation Foundation is a proud participant in the Leave No Child Inside initiative.  The main goal of  Leave No Child Inside is to get more children outside and increase the quality of time they spent outside.  It was launched by Chicago Wilderness, an alliance of over 300 nonprofit organizations of which The Conservation Foundation is a part. 

Together with conservation organizations,  Leave No Child Inside is a collaborative effort for environmental educators, teachers, parents, and grandparents to promote a culture in which children are encouraged to be outside.  Having experiences in natural settings has been shown to increase self-esteem, decrease Attention-Deficit Disorder symptoms, and contribute to the emotional and physical development of children.
For more information about the Leave No Child Inside initiative go to www.chicagowilderness.org or www.kidsoutside.info