In Your Community
In Your Community


"The most meaningful and impactful conservation happens when communities come together and work at the local, even neighborhood scale to make our communities cleaner and healthier.”
 ~Brook McDonald, President/CEO of The Conservation Foundation

Five DuPage County communities are participating in one of The Conservation Foundation’s newest initatives, a pilot program called Conservation In Our Community. 

Carol Stream, Downers Grove, Elmhurst, Naperville and Warrenville are all engaging their citizens to become environmentally-conscious through a variety of local projects.  These five municipalities were chosen to pilot Conservation In Our Community because their leaders and residents have already demonstrated a conservation mindset through involvement in community-wide rain barrel sales, Conservation@Home and Conservation@Work.

Conservation In Our Community is being made possible through a $12,000 grant from the DuPage Foundation with support from DuPage County Stormwater Management. Each municipality has contributed a small portion to help fund this effort and The Conservation Foundation will provide the guidance needed to help implement the projects.

Making an impact at the local level – That’s what Conservation In Our Community is all about!

Suggested projects include:

                  ·       Neighborhood groups cleaning trash from creeks flowing through their neighborhood

                  ·       Local garden clubs building a butterfly garden in front of the library

                  ·       Encouraging more rain barrel use to reduce polluted runoff and improve the health of local waterways

                  ·       Boy Scout troops helping to stencil storm drains to warn against dumping toxins that end up in local                                waterways.

All of these projects showcase simple things each and every person can do to impact both their community and our environment in a positive way.  Everyone wants clean water, clean air and beautiful places to exercise or relax body and mind.  The practices highlighted in these projects, like collecting rainwater, planting native plants, and reducing or eliminating chemical use on the landscape all contribute to flood control, wildlife habitat, stormwater infiltration and reduced pollution.

The ultimate goal of Conservation In Our Community is for residents to embrace the idea of conservation as a core community value that not only enhances the environment, but also conserves money spent in maintenance and cleanup.

The projects for this pilot program must be completed by the end of 2015.

For more information on Conservation In Our Community, contact Jan Roehll at (630) 428-4500, Ext. 121.