Working with the private sector is critical in achieving our mission. Much of the work we do relies on implementing projects on the ground, trying new approaches and getting input from those in the field on what is really working. Partnering with the private sector helps to broaden our reach, gain knowledge from projects on the ground and get support for the work we do. How can you be a part of our success? 

Technical Workshops
The Conservation Foundation offers several technical workshops each year in conjunction with DuPage County Stormwater Division, we can also work with other organizations to tailor workshops to your technical needs.

  • Suggest topics
  • Offer location & assistance in promotion
  • Participate as a speaker to showcase projects in your service area

Beyond the Basics Stormwater Management Conference

  • Submit presentations to show off projects in your service area
  • Participate as a sponsor of the event – get your name out in front of our audience


We have expanded our Conservation@Home program to include nonresidential locations like corporate campuses, office parks, schools and churches.

Sponsorship/Corporate Support

Your contributions, whether cash or in-kind, are vital to our work and show your customers and the public your environmental ethic.