Protecting Rivers & Streams

Water is a vital resource to sustain life. We can’t imagine a more compelling reason to save it. River and watershed protection is a core component of The Conservation Foundation’s mission.

We help protect rivers and streams with the philosophy that rivers are complex systems that are affected by how our land is used and seemingly mundane decisions we make every day.  How water moves, or doesn’t move, after rain or a snow storm impacts how our rivers and streams function and the quality of water they receive.  Both of these factors indicate the overall health of a river or stream.

The Conservation Foundation has been actively working to protect rivers and streams since 1989 by creating community initiatives to help clean them up, raise awareness of how our everyday actions impact our water resources and collaborating with local stakeholders to plan for the future and implement change. Click on the links below to learn more.

It All Starts with a Raindrop
Improving Water Quality
Watersheds We're Working In
What You Can Do
12 Ways The Conservation Foundation Protects Rivers