Clete Rettenmeier - Aurora Fire Station #12

When the Aurora Fire Chief approved some landscape improvements at Fire Station #12, fireman Clete Rettenmeier called on The Conservation Foundation.  Clete had already worked on his own yard through the Conservation@Home program and had the idea to create a butterfly garden to replace a failed planting on an island around the station’s main sign.  

Each year the department spent money to purchase and plant annuals in this spot, but with the help of Conservation@Home and a planting guide designed by Denise Sandoval of Good Natured Landscapes, a sustainable, functional and beautiful native perennial planting was born (Denise has since joined our staff working on the Conservation@Home program)!  This very visible sustainable landscaping project is serving  as a model for other properties, too.  See Aurora Fire Station #12’s new garden at the corner of Eola and Hafenrichter Roads in Aurora.