Articles & Education

Articles & Education

sediment sampling
Environmental Education

How We Conduct Annual Bioassessments

As the year draws to an end we also draw to the end of our annual bioassessment. The bioassessments are intensive watershed wide surveys of aquatic life, physical habitat, and

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Johnny Darter, a small fish
Rivers and Streams

What Lives in Our Rivers and Streams

Healthy Rivers = Healthy People Rivers connect people, they are the receiver of our wastewater and stormwater and they reflect all of the things we do on the land. If we have

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Conservation Stories

Announcing Our 2024 Conservation Award Winners!

We are so pleased to recognize these individuals and organizations who are doing extraordinary conservation work in their communities: Paul Butler Memorial Award  The Conservation Foundation’s Paul Butler Memorial Award

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Cars drive on snowy road

Find Your WHY for Being Salt Smart

Being Salt Smart means using winter deicing salt responsibly to minimize its negative impacts. This approach ensures that we maintain winter safety while protecting waterways, landscaping, pets, infrastructure, and even

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Farm Blog

Experimenting for the Future

By Russ Cerocke, Farm Manager   I’ve heard it said that if you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backwards. At Green Earth Harvest, it is essential to keep moving forward.

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Hidden Lake
Environmental Education

Lakes, The Colorful Machines

Hidden Lake, Picture Courtesy of Forest Preserve District of DuPage County   I just finished “The Blue Machine: How the Ocean Works” by Helen Czerski, a physicist and oceanographer. It

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Fox River illuminated by sunset

The Fox River: Our Hidden Gem

The Conservation Foundation’s Kendall County Advisory Council Presents:   The Fox River: Our Hidden Gem A Fox River Presentation Series All Programs are Free 7:00 — 8:00pm   Yorkville Public

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