Pepper - Hot Recipes

Hot peppers belong to the same family as tomatoes, eggplant, and potatoes! They contain a substance called capsaicin which gives them their heat, and the level of spice varies by variety, moisture, and weather conditions. Capsaicin is not soluble in water, so if you eat something too spicy don’t try chugging a glass! Milk or alcohol (such as beer) should do the trick. 

To Store:

Store peppers in a cool, dry place for up to two weeks. Peppers can also be easily frozen, simply wash the pepper, trim the stem, and throw it whole into a freezer bag.


Use caution when preparing hot peppers! Be sure to wash hands thoroughly after handling, and be very careful not to touch your face or eyes! The seeds and inner ribs of the pepper contain the spiciest parts, so add or remove those to your liking. Hot peppers can be roasted, grilled, or added as a spicy component to dips, soups and stews, stir frys, and more.

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