Week 10 Field Notes

By Jayson Shaffer, Farm Crew


It’s officially week 10 here on the farm! It’s hard to believe we are already in the second week of August, and yet, here we are!  This week, as we harvested celery for the first time, it is wild to remember how small they were when we transplanted them into the field from the greenhouse. They were tall and thin like a single sprig of parsley, and from the back of the tractor, we jammed hundreds of these tiny shoots into dibbled holes covering their roots with soil for 500ft. A bed full of tiny, delicate, green lines reaching towards the sun, looking seemingly impossible that they could ever survive and grow beyond this. But grow they did. And as you may or may not have seen, they’re huge now!


The ancient philosopher Lao Tzu once said, “Nature does not rush and yet everything is accomplished.” Everything on the farm moves with the seasons. Everything works within its own time – from seed to sprout to plant to veg, and we as farmers have the joy of guiding and nurturing all the plants on our farm. We don’t ever truly know what we’re going to get, but we work hard to make the best conditions possible for Nature to do her thing. One day you’re transplanting a field of celery, and the next thing you know the entire bed is full of abundance.


The world we live in is constantly telling us we’re surrounded by scarcity – there’s not enough. It’s refreshing to have a space that reminds us the natural order of our world is abundance. Which is easy to see when you walk into our barn and it’s bursting at the seams on pick-up days. Or when you walk out into our U-Pick fields, and in no time at all, cherry tomatoes are toppling out of your 2lb bag. At Green Earth Harvest there is no limit to the ways you are reminded of how much there is to be grateful for and how much the land loves us back. Our fields are to the brim with every delicious vegetable imaginable. The trees and bushes on our farm are heavy laden with wild fruits and nuts to forage. We have an endless supply of sunlight and fresh air and good people. I feel blessed to be surrounded by it all.

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