Winter Helpers: A Salt Smart Comic

It may surprise you, but the salt we use on roads during the winter is a major threat to the health of rivers and streams here in the Chicago region. As our area developed, road salting increased—and so has the saltiness of local waterways. Not surprisingly, salt isn’t great for rivers and the animals that live in them. As chlorides (a main component of road salt) rise, aquatic biodiversity drops.

To counter this salty situation, local governments are switching to Salt Smart practices for winter road maintenance. Even winter snow clearing businesses are catching on, realizing the perks of smart salting – faster surface clearing and reduced waste.

And guess what? We can be Salt Smart at home too! It’s as simple as shoveling more and salting less. Our Salt Smart comic introduces a crew of Salt Smart Helpers who’ll guide you through creating safe driveways and walkways for every wintry scenario.

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Feel free to download and share the comic!

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