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Common Invasive Plants in Illinois

Invasive plants are a major threat to the health and diversity of Illinois’ native wildlife. Introduced from faraway lands and lacking natural predators, non-native species have spread into woodlands, prairies,

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Conservation@Home Spring Lookbook

Conservation@Home Conservation@Home Spring Lookbook Explore our Spring Lookbook for ideas that help birds and butterflies, conserve clean water, and ultimately make your home a healthier place to live. Like many

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Cars drive on snowy road

Find Your WHY for Being Salt Smart

Being Salt Smart means using winter deicing salt responsibly to minimize its negative impacts. This approach ensures that we maintain winter safety while protecting waterways, landscaping, pets, infrastructure, and even

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How to Make Compost at Home

Instead of sending food scraps and yard waste to the landfill, why not compost them? Composting returns nutrients back to the soil and gives your garden a boost too! In

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Meet Our Native Plants

We’re excited to share with you the Meet Our Native Plants Guide, showcasing some of our region’s native plants! Click through the native plants to view photos and suggestions for

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