You Can Do

Unlike some environmental challenges, the fate of the water resources we depend on is completely in our control. Making simple changes in the ways we use water will mean more and cleaner water for us and future generations. Click on the links below to explore the many ways you can conserve water at home, at work and in your community. 

Be River Responsible

River Clean-Ups

Volunteers clean up trash under a bridge

Join the community effort to clean up local rivers and streams! The Conservation Foundation organizes river clean ups along the DuPage River, Salt Creek, and the Fox River.  

Recreate Responsibily

Kayaker paddles during sunset

We all want to have a great time out on the water. Be River Responsible to keep the river safe and enjoyable for everyone. 

DuPage County Programs

River Sweep

Volunteers pose proudly with collected trash

The DuPage County River Sweep is an annual river clean-up blitz spanning many DuPage communities. 


Volunteers stand behind trash they collected from the river

Adopt-a-Stream volunteers steward a section of stream by committing to two clean-ups each year.  

Storm Drain Medallions

A small stick on sign next to a storm drain saying "Drains to River"

Only rain goes down the drain! Help us mark storm drains with a reminder that storm drains connect directly to a nearby waterway.  



Rain Barrels

Rain barrel next to house surrounded by yellow native flowers

Use a rain barrel to harvest free and clean rainwater to water your garden and reduce stormwater runoff.  

Landscaping with Native Plants

Monarch butterfly sits atop a blazing star, a native flower

Conserve water, decrease runoff, and help wildlife by integrating native flowers, grasses, and trees into your landscaping.  

Salt Smart @ Home

A person shovels snow off their driveway

Use the right amount of salt to keep roads safe while also limiting the amount of chlorides reaching local waterways.  

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