Educating & Empowering

Educating & Empowering

Experience nature up close, explore it as a family, learn about the latest conservation practices and environmental education curriculum, or advance yourself professionally.

Whether you are a kid, parent or grandparent, student or teacher, scout or scout leader, homeowner, business owner, or natural resources professional, The Conservation Foundation provides engaging and empowering educational programs led by knowledgeable and experienced educators.


The Conservation Foundation is a proud participant in the Leave No Child Inside Initiative with the goal of improving children’s health and fostering generations of children who care for and protect nature. Study after study is revealing that experiences in nature are vital to the healthy mental, emotional, and physical development of children. 
Our education programs allow children to experience nature up close. By providing opportunities to explore natural habitats, children will be able to connect to the plants and animals that live in their area. Students who learn through hands-on outdoor lessons better retain and understand scientific concepts. Our hope is that these early experiences with nature will inspire them to become supporters and stewards of the environment as they grow into adults and become parents themselves.


We believe you are never too old to start living a life connected to nature. Education is the fabric of which all of our programs are woven. We seek to provide information to everyone, from the casual backyard gardener to the parent to the teacher to the stormwater professional, that will empower them to understand and care for the natural world.


In our community

The ultimate goal of Conservation In Our Community is for residents to embrace the idea of conservation as a core community value that not only enhances the environment, but also conserves money spent in maintenance and cleanup.

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