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Art of the Fox Blog: A Way In

  Welcome to the Art of the Fox blog!  I’m Joel Sheesley, an artist who is working with The Conservation Foundation and their Fox River Initiative to promote awareness of

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Art of the Fox Blog: Clarity

Yesterday I drove down to Wedron and met Brook McDonald at C&M Canoe Rentals.  We spent the afternoon paddling and exploring the lower Fox River. Our plan was to stop

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Art of the Fox Blog: Volo Bog

From June 2016 The Fox River originates in marshland in southern Wisconsin.  Flowing down into northeastern Illinois it merges with the Chain O’Lakes, a region of glacial kettles and hills

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Art of the Fox Blog: Aurora

 “The old countries were worn to the shape of human life, made into an investiture, a sort of second body, for man.”  Death Comes for the Archbishop, Willa Cather Aurora

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Art of the Fox: Lost In Light

Late in the afternoon on September 20th I stood under the east end of the walking bridge that connects a path in West Dundee’s South End Park with the Fox

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Art of the Fox: Residency

   The Conservation Foundation has begun using the term “artist in residence” to describe my role in the Fox River Initiative.  I like the term.  A residence is stable and

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