Garden Refresh

Garden Refresh

For the Garden Refresh project, we redesigned the native garden beds outside the Clow House office at the McDonald Farm in Naperville. As the new plants grow in, we’re envisioning thriving native flowers, grasses, and shrubs that provide colorful blooms throughout the year as well as important food and habitat for birds, butterflies, and other wildlife.

Take inspiration from the plans and resources below to design your own native plant garden:

Garden Plans

Click here to download the full sun garden plan and plant list.

Click here to download the shade garden plan and plant list.


Native Plant Landscaping Guides


Designing a Native Garden

In this webinar about the Garden Refresh project, staff members Jan Roehll and Nancy Cinatl, discuss the steps they took to get started, the thinking that went into the native plants they chose, and how the design was laid out.

Garden Refresh Revisited

Join us to see pictures of the plants in the ground and hear about the challenges we encountered as well as some general do’s and don’ts of planting a native garden.

Get Certified Through Conservation@Home

Get Certified Through Conservation@Home

With your help, we can make our region into a vibrant and healthy place for wildlife and people. The Conservation@Home program recognizes homeowners who create native plant habitat and conserve water at home. Conservation@Home certified properties make up a patchwork of landscapes that connect green spaces across the region, supporting wildlife, providing clean water and air, and protecting local biodiversity. 

Wherever you are in the process of creating an environmentally-friendly yard, you can join the Conservation@Home program. After you join, we’ll help you take the steps you need to get Conservation@Home certified. 

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