Electrifying DuPage County: Webinar Recording & Resources

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More than 300 participants logged in to charge up for an eco-friendly 2023 at the virtual DuPage Environmental Summit held on Thursday, January 19th, 2023.  Webinar participants were energized by the wealth of information shared on the many ways people can benefit from solar power and electronic vehicles (EVs), and how these technologies reduce carbon emissions and help mitigate the negative impacts of climate change.

You can view a recording of the Summit or below.

Over the past decade, electric vehicles have become a viable mode of transportation for people looking to reduce their carbon footprint; the people of DuPage County actually just voted with 60% support to invest in public electric vehicle charging stations, demonstrating that these vehicles are becoming mainstream. One challenge presented for electric vehicle (EV) users is the lack of infrastructure available for charging stations throughout the United States. In the past year, the federal government has announced funding to place EV charging stations throughout the United States highway system. To complement the federal government’s initiative, the State of Illinois has provided funding to various entities, including municipalities, to fund the installation of EV charging stations within their own parking lots and properties. Some of these initiatives include rebates on the purchase of EV vehicles and installation of charging stations. The installation of EV charging stations at various locations throughout DuPage County would build an infrastructure that is accessible and welcoming to individuals with EV vehicles and encourage them to visit for work and leisure travel.  Solar products as well have become much more accessible for private homeowners and small scale installations, so take some time to watch the Summit and scroll through the presentations below to see how you can incorporate these technologies into your daily life!

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ComEd’s EV Toolkit

Speaker: Ken Amin, ComEd

This presentation is intended to help residential customers navigate their journey to EVs using ComEd’s EV Toolkit.  Ken walks through the various features of the toolkit to help customers make better informed decisions – from finding available EVs, and chargers on the market, to obtaining personalized fuel cost savings estimate from switching to an EV from a gas vehicle, and more. Learn more about ComEd’s EV Toolkit.

Implementing EVs in a Municipal Fleet

  Speaker: Brian Bennett, City of Des Moines, Iowa

Historically municipal fleets have been powered by gas, diesel or in some rare cases bio fuel or natural gas. Now more municipalities are embracing new clean technology and advancing the electric vehicles of the future. By doing so, we can reduce the impact of vehicles and light trucks in our environment. Brian has already transitioned some of his City of Des Moines, IA fleet. He reviews who initiated the EV shift, how they were financed, the vehicle maintenance and other issues related to his experience as Fleet Manager.

Solar and Permitting

Speaker: Marina Minic, Citizens Utility Board

This presentation focuses on solar and the benefits of clean energy. Marina explains different solar programs and incentives you can get involved in, why clean energy is more affordable and reliable, and how policies like CEJA (Climate and Equitable Jobs Act) and the Inflation Reduction Act benefit consumers.


ComEd’s Solar Calculator

Speaker: Marla Westerhold, ComEd

This presentation covers the tools and resources available to customers interested in exploring solar options. Marla provides information about ComEd’s Rooftop Solar Calculator and the Community Solar Calculator which help customers size their solar system or subscription, as well as highlighting other offerings of the Green Power Connection team.  Learn more about ComEd’s Solar Calculator.

Powering DuPage County: The Role of Energy Storage in the New Energy World

Speaker: Mark Frigo, Nexamp

Energy storage has the ability to transform and meet the needs of the new energy world. Mark introduces energy storage and explains how it can meet the future needs of our electricity grid. More specifically, he highlights the applications and benefits of energy storage, compares the different types of energy storage technology, gives some project examples, and finally highlights some of the outstanding challenges associated with energy storage.

EV Myths: Q&A Panel

  Speakers: David Beckwith & Lois Vitt Sale, EV Owners

An old saying goes, “it’s not your dad’s car anymore.” That certainly is the case with electric vehicles. There are approximately 47,000 electric vehicles in Illinois. With so many vehicles already on the road, many people see an electric vehicle and have either no concept about EVs, they have preconceived ideas or have been given false information about EVs. As owners of EVs, David and Lois respond to the many myths they have heard about their vehicles and provide the answers people need to make their own transition to electric vehicles.


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