Sheryl Fasone

Is It Spring Yet?

By Jackson Yow, Assistant Farm Manager “Hello, everyone! My name is Jackson, and I am entering my fourth season of farming at Green Earth and second as assistant farm manager.  I

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By Jackson Yow, Assistant Farm Manager   Drought-relieving rainfall, tornadoes, heat-waves, and poor air quality? Julyin’! The Green Earth crew has been riding the weather-waves all season long. Drought or

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Live for Today, Plan for Tomorrow

by Russ Cerocke, Farm Manager   Planning ain’t easy, that’s what they say; today’s plan is tomorrow’s memory. As one who works in agriculture, you might think my winters are

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Local Food For All

by Dan Lobbes, Director   Like many of you, we believe that every person should have access to local, organic, nutritious food. The benefits have been well documented, and we

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Mindful Anticipation

By Jackson Yow, Assistant Farm Manager Hello, everyone! It’s Jackson here again to share what is happening on the ground (and in it) at Green Earth Harvest. The slow trickle

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New Season, New Life

By Russ Cerocke, Farm Manager I realize that I’m preaching to the choir here, but Spring is such a wondrous time of year. Each spring brings something new to love

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by Russ Cerocke, Farm Manager What’s that? It’s November!? Isn’t it strange how the night moves with autumn closing in? This month, change is certainly in the air. At Green

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Seeds of Transformation

By Jason Halm, Farm Manager   Even as the sun sets at 5:30 in the evening now and the afternoon sun’s tilted to more of a glancing angle than the

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Spring Field Notes

  By Jason Halm, Farm Manager   Farming, in the spring, to me, is a constant tension between patience and push. There is a patience learned in the winter months,

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Still Growing

by Jason Halm, Farm Manager We see it all around us: as I drove up the farm early Monday morning, an early hard frost had sounded the bell for this

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The Facts of Life

by Jason Halm, Farm Manager There are three words running through my head this week on the farm, as facts of life. The first: everything is growing. Maybe that seems

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The Happiest Days

By Russ Cerocke, Farm Manager I’ve been told that one’s wedding is likely to be one of the happiest days of their lives. I was doubtful, but this weekend I

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