Carrots Recipes

Carrots are a member of the Umbel family, alongside parsley and dill. There are several different varieties of carrot, and they can range in color from orange to red, yellow, purple, and even white! Spring and summer carrots are delicious and late fall carrots tend to take on a sweeter flavor after enduring a few frosts.

To Store:

Trim greens down to ½ inch from the carrot top if not already done. Store carrots separately from greens, should you decide to keep the greens. Carrots will store up to two months when wrapped in a damp towel or air-tight container in the fridge. Greens will keep for only a few days.


Raw carrots are flavorful, and make a great addition to a vegetable tray or salad. They can also be juiced or added to smoothies for a boost of nutrition. They can be roasted with other root vegetables, added to soups, stews, stir fry, and more! Carrot greens may be used chopped for a salad, or dried and used similarly to parsley

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