Green Garlic & Garlic Scapes Recipes

Green garlic is what we call a young or spring garlic, and looks similar to a leek with a mild and sweet garlic flavor. Green garlic has a bit of an onion or scallion-like flavor profile, but with notable garlicky attributes.

Garlic scapes are the flower stalk of the plant, and they are removed to promote bulb growth, which gives us an early-season mild-garlic delight. The entire curly stalk up, to the flower, can be used!

Both can be used in the place of typical garlic, onions, leeks, scallions, or shallots in any recipe!

To Store:

Wrap green garlic stalks in a damp towel and store in the fridge. Garlic scapes have a very long shelf life, and will store very well wrapped in a damp towel or like a bouquet of flowers in a jar with water in the fridge.


Wash green garlic before using. The white part of green garlic, (even as it extends into the green section), can be used raw or sauteed lightly. The green, rigid part of the plant may be used to flavor stocks. Garlic scapes can be used raw or cooked, and are great added to stir frys, soups, dips, and hummus!

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