Radishes Recipes

Radishes were one of the first crops to be domesticated, and were originally cultivated in ancient Egypt! They quickly spread to the Mediterranean and China, where they grew to great culinary importance.

Radishes can be spicy, but there’s also a sweetness to them that lingers behind the peppery flavor. Radishes come in several shapes, sizes, and colors- from the traditional red, round Cherry Belle, to the large, white Daikon radish that can grow up to 18 inches!

To Store:

Remove stems from radish bulbs, and store unwashed in a damp towel or plastic container. Young radish leaves can also be used in cooking, and can be stored unwashed wrapped in a damp towel. Stored separately, the leaves will last 3-4 days and the bulbs will last about 1 week.


Scrub radishes with a vegetable brush under cold water. Radishes typically do not need to be peeled, unless it is a black radish or watermelon radish. Raw radishes make great additions to salads, vegetable platters, and sandwiches. They can also be roasted, steamed, or stir fried. Young radish greens can be washed and eaten raw (if they are not too prickly) or sauteed as you would any other green.

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