Pet Waste Outreach

Picking up dog poop every time, everywhere protects our rivers and streams from nutrients and bacteria in pet waste that stormwater runoff brings into nearby waterways. When we all take responsibility to clean up after our pets, we make our neighborhoods clean and healthy places to be.

Below are resources about pet waste to share with your community:


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  • When dog poop is left to decompose in the grass, the next rainfall can wash the nutrients and bacteria in the poop into local waterways and contribute to water quality degradation. Scoop the poop to protect local rivers and streams!
  • Did you know that a single gram of dog poop can contain 23 million bacteria? Rain washes bacteria and nutrients in pet waste left on the ground into nearby rivers and streams. None of that bacteria belongs in our water! Scoop the poop to protect local waterways!
  • Dog owner or not, we all are responsible as trail users and community members to keep local natural places healthy and enjoyable for all. Littering our preserves with dog poop (or anything else!) won’t do if we want to maintain our parks and preserves in the best condition.
  • Pick up the poop every time, everywhere! When walking your dog around your neighborhood, park, or preserve, come prepared with bags and always throw the waste into a garbage bin.
  • Pet waste spoils other’s enjoyment of the outdoors, degrades the water quality of local streams, and can be a public health hazard. That’s why it’s important we pick up the poop every time, everywhere!

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