Donor Testimonial: Steve Tiwald & Karen Hutt

Steve Tiwald and his wife Karen Hutt were the founders twenty years ago of the Green Earth Institute, the organic farming operation headquartered at McDonald Farm that is now our Green Earth Harvest program.  Between planting, tending and harvesting vegetables, giving tours, holding Summer Camps and classes, organizing an annual Plant Sale and the Green Earth Fair, Steve and Karen have spent tens of thousands of hours at McDonald Farm!  And they had a lot of help along the way from volunteer Bill Dawe, a man you’re hearing a lot about these days!  Steve and Karen shared their thoughts on McDonald Farm, Bill Dawe, and what a new pavilion will mean to all who visit these 60 nurturing acres.


Steve Tiwald, Founder of the Green Earth Institute

In 2002 we started the organic vegetable farming operation now known as Green Earth Harvest. Over the years, many volunteers have participated in Green Earth’s development and growth, but Bill Dawe stands out. He helped with planting, cultivating, and harvesting, especially in the early years. He did tractor work in the fields. He was in the middle of our big construction projects like the four greenhouses and the irrigation system. He helped with the annual Green Earth Fairs. Bill was always ready to pitch in and always full of ideas. And now Bill’s daughter Melanie regularly volunteers at the farm; we see her when we pick up our farm share veggies on Tuesdays during the season.


Karen Hutt, Steve’s wife and the brains behind the annual Plant Sale at McDonald Farm, working at a chilly sale with volunteer Bill Dawe

How fitting to name the new pavilion in honor of Bill Dawe and his family! They have certainly been instrumental in the development of the property as an organic vegetable farm for Green Earth Harvest, and as a special venue for children and adults to learn about and appreciate nature.


We are delighted to contribute to the construction of the new Bill Dawe Family Pavilion. This shelter will be a beneficial enhancement for the educational activities at the farm, which connect children and adults with nature and the environment. The McDonald Farm is truly a jewel in the midst of suburbia, and this facility will make it even more functional.

~Steve Tiwald and Karen Hutt

Would you like to support making the Bill Dawe Family Pavilion
a reality at McDonald Farm?


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