Feeding More People Thanks to International Paper Foundation

There are many unknowns in farming, but at least two constants:  pests and weeds!!!

Insect netting purchased from grant funds protects vegetables from pests.

And we’ve got them both in abundance here at McDonald Farm.  But thanks to a generous grant from the International Paper Foundation, we will be better equipped to handle them both.

Funds from this grant will allow us to purchase equipment for more efficient weeding as well as netting to protect our organic vegetables from insect damage.  We are committed to and believe strongly our organic growing practices, but pests and weeds are realities that require a dizzying amount of manpower to manage without chemicals for a successful and healthy harvest.

Thanks to the more advanced tools the International Paper Foundation grant has allowed us to purchase, we can feed more people with the same amount of manpower.  We’ve already heard from our Green Earth Harvest Farm Crew that the Terrateck Double Wheel Hoe has been a game-changer for them.  And especially on those blazing 90-something degree days that are sure to come next summer, we’ll need all the help we can get!!

Our most sincere appreciation goes to the International Paper Foundation for their partnership and support!

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