Herbs Recipes

Herbs have been important for culinary and medicinal purposes for almost as long as humans have existed! There are thousands of varieties of herbs, but the primary ones that we grow on our farm are basil, cilantro, dill, chives, parsley, sage, and sorrel. 

To Store:

Herbs all tend to have pretty different methods of storage.  Parsley, cilantro, sorrel, and dill may be loosely wrapped in a damp towel and stored in the fridge. Chives should be stored loosely packed in a plastic bag or container. Wash prior to using. Herbs can also be dried for longer storage.


Herbs give any dish a little punch of additional flavor. Basil and parsley taste delicious added to soups and stews, cilantro is an essential component of salsa, and dill makes a great choice to add to a vegetable dip or dressing. Sorrel has a bright lemony flavor that tastes great in salads or when paired with fish. The possibilities are endless!

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